Memorial for Benjamin Quaye

To: UCSC Community

From: Kimberly Lau, Provost Oakes College; Susan Welte, College Administrative Officer for Oakes College

Oakes College will be celebrating Benjamin Quaye's life and passions at a memorial service on Sunday, March 7. Ben was an Oakes senior with a commitment to spreading the values of tolerance and social justice, and his studies and future plans were built upon these ideals. He was a vibrant part of the Oakes community, UCSC, and the world around him, and he will be terribly missed by all whose lives he touched.

Please join us in commemorating Benjamin and all that he loved. The memorial service will begin at 3 pm on Sunday, March 7 at the Oakes Learning Center, to be followed by a reception at the Oakes Provost House.

Any questions can be directed to Heather Ricks at 831-459-2418 or