UCSC Outstanding Staff Award

To: UCSC Staff

From: Alumni Association

Do you know a UCSC staff member who:

--Goes "above and beyond" to provide distinguished service to students or colleagues?

--Works to grow and improve programs on campus?

--Contributes to UCSC's unique intellectual and physical environment?

If so, please help us honor UCSC's outstanding staff.

The following comprise just a few of the thousands of UCSC staff members who work to change the lives of students every day on our campus and who keep UC Santa Cruz an uncommon place.

David Kirk developed video and media libraries at UCSC.

Angie Christmann created 27 years of Cowell College tradition.

Corinne Miller led efforts to provide services for transfer and re-entry students.

Lynne Wolcott provided critical academic advice to students.

Joe Weiss helped Theater Arts students realize their vision.

Rosie Cabrera shepherded countless students on the path to success.

Make your nomination for the UCSC Outstanding Staff Award today.

Visit the Alumni Award Web site at http://community.ucsc.edu/staffaward to submit your nomination today!

The submission deadline is Monday, March 15, 2010.

Questions? Please contact Director of Alumni Relations Lynn Zachreson at lynnz@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-5842, or toll free (800) 933-SLUG (7584)