In memoriam: Benjamin Quaye

Dear Oakes Family, Friends, and Fellows,

Many of you have probably already heard the tragic news about Benjamin Quaye's recent death. We are writing to offer our deepest condolences to Benjamin's family, friends, colleagues, and faculty at Oakes and across campus. Benjamin was an Oakes senior with a commitment to spreading the values of tolerance and social justice, and his studies and future plans were built upon these ideals. He was a vibrant part of the Oakes community, UCSC, and the world around him, and he will be terribly missed by all whose lives he touched.

For support in the grieving process, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 459-2628 or 459-2220. CAPS will have both individual and group counseling available. In addition, Benjamin's friends and Oakes College are planning a memorial. More information will be forthcoming as soon as the specific details are known.


Kim Lau, Provost

Oakes College

Susan Welte, CAO

Oakes College