Haiti News & Information: Resources, including ways you can help

UC Santa Cruz has prepared this page in an effort to keep members of the campus community informed about the crisis in Haiti. This site also includes information on just a few of the relief organizations working in the country that can benefit from your support.

Organizations conducting relief efforts need support

A message to the UCSC community points to a list of organizations that are actively involved in relief efforts - and are in need of support. [More]

UCSC psychology lecturer aids displaced children in Haiti

Tony Hoffman, a UC Santa Cruz specialist in developmental psychology, is working in Haiti with the American Refugee Committee International to help children displaced by the January 12 earthquake. Hoffman, a lecturer in psychology since 1991, is helping set up safe places for children in two large neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince, devastated by the quake. [More]

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UC offers travel support for affiliates providing relief

The University of California has arranged to extend important travel and security services to our students and employees who travel to Haiti on behalf of official humanitarian relief and support organizations, such as the Red Cross, various food banks and medical aide organizations. [More]

Handling leave requests from employees involved in emergency response efforts

In response to the tragic consequences of the recent earthquake in Haiti, questions have arisen regarding how to handle leave requests from employees who may be involved in emergency response efforts. UCSC HR officers provide information. [More]