Emergency Response to Haiti Disaster

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Pamela Peterson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel; Charlotte Moreno, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources

In response to the tragic consequences of the recent earthquake in Haiti, questions have arisen regarding how to handle leave requests from employees who may be involved in emergency response efforts.

Staff Policy PPSM 46 E. and Academic Personnel Policy 758 allow employees to be granted administrative leave with pay, under certain circumstances, for a period of time authorized by the appropriate authority. For exclusively-represented employees, please refer to applicable provisions in collective bargaining agreements.

With regard to the Haiti disaster, appropriate circumstances for administrative leave with pay include the following:

. Employees with special skills, such as medical personnel, scientific and technical personnel, and environmental health and safety personnel who are members of University-sponsored response teams that are organized on a university-wide or local basis and are being sent to assist with relief efforts;

. Employees who are involved with official relief efforts sponsored by FEMA, the Red Cross, and other sanctioned organizations, whose assistance has been requested by the agency; and

. Employees who were traveling in the area at the time of the disaster and became stranded.

As relief efforts will be ongoing for an extensive period of time, the period of paid leave that is granted is wholly dependent upon the particular circumstances of each employee, taking into account the type of relief work being performed and operational considerations.

Further, UCOP Risk Services has arranged to extend important travel and security services to UC students and employees who travel to Haiti on behalf of official humanitarian relief and support organizations, such as the Red Cross, various food banks and medical aid organizations. Any University of California Student or Employee who travels to Haiti on behalf of any legitimate relief or aid organization should register their travel through Risk Services' online travel insurance system at https://www.uctrips-insurance.org/. Additional information may be obtained from UCSC Risk Services at http://risk.ucsc.edu/haiti.html.

Employees involved with University-sponsored relief efforts are covered by the University's workers' compensation as long as an employee's supervisor is in agreement with the employee working on this effort.

UCSC supplemental guidelines have been developed to assist in responding to requests and to assure a uniform approach throughout the campus.

. Supplemental guidelines for staff employees may be accessed through the Announcements section of the SHR website: http://shr.ucsc.edu/announce/haiti/relief.htm.

. Supplemental guidelines for academic employees may be accessed through the What's New section of the APO website: http://apo.ucsc.edu/.

These guidelines also provide information about other types of leave for circumstances that are not covered by PPSM 46.E and APM 758 (e.g., employees who, on their own initiative, wish to volunteer to aid with relief efforts or who need to assist or care for family and friends directly affected by the disaster). In instances of employee-initiated relief efforts, employees should be aware of their potential liability when they are on leave.

Questions involving staff employees should be directed to: Cathy Schoenfeld, ext. 92014 or pafc@ucsc.edu.

Questions involving academic employees should be directed to the appropriate divisional academic personnel coordinator.