Diversity Efforts on Campus - Diversity Advisory Committee

To: UCSC Faculty, Academic Employees, and Staff

From: Campus Diversity Officers Alison Galloway and Ashish Sahni

We are writing to update you on our most recent efforts on diversity and inclusion at UCSC.

The Chancellor has created a Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) with broad campus representation and has asked us to co-chair this group. The DAC provides a forum for campus constituents to discuss and promote diversity-related issues. Committee members will provide us, as Campus Diversity Officers, with input and guidance on diversity issues and with feedback on proposed or ongoing projects and initiatives. In addition, the committee will actively promote, support, and institutionalize the UCSC Principles of Community.

Subcommittees have been formed to focus on the needs of undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty, based on the recommendations of the U.C. Regents Study Group on Diversity. These subcommittees will build upon current campus efforts and help us identify the most critical issues to address. We ask that you partner with us and other members of DAC who may contact you for information and advice on diversity efforts within your respective areas.

Members of the DAC subcommittees are as follows:

Undergraduate Students

George Barlos, Leda Hernandez, Nancy Kim (Chair), Bill Ladusaw, Kalwis Lo, Alma Sifuentes, Donnae Smith, and Renee Tajima-Pena

Graduate Students

Alison Galloway, Chelsey Juarez (Chair), John Johnson, Nancy Kim, Thorne Lay, Margaret Ortega, and Donnae Smith


Ricki Carr, Kawami Craig-Evans, Kathie Kenyon, Kimberly Lau, Charlotte Moreno (Chair), Ashish Sahni, and Susan Willats


Samantha Forde, Carla Freccero, Alison Galloway (Chair), Pascale Garaud, and Pamela Peterson

All four subcommittees will also address issues related to campus climate.

We are excited about the prospect of furthering diversity efforts at UC Santa Cruz and thank the members of the Diversity Advisory Committee for their time and effort.

Please feel free to contact us at diversity@ucsc.edu with any questions, ideas, suggestions, or concerns you might have.