Academic Business Officer Group invites new members

The UCSC Academic Business Officer Group (ABOG) is seeking new members.

ABOG helps academic department managers develop more effective systemwide communication and share knowledge and expertise among campuses. It also provides great networking opportunities. The group aims to develop and maintain a collegial and professional relationship with all levels of campus administration. It is the only formally recognized organization of these administrators, who serve pivotal roles in the administrative, personnel, financial, and often public relations activities of the campus.

ABOG was originally organized in 1968 by laboratory business officers at UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and UC Irvine. Meeting annually to discuss common challenges and solutions, the group invited administrators from UC Office of the President and the other campuses to work together on common topics, challenges, and goals. For many years the group remained stable at 100 participants. In the beginning, everyone was a top administrator with laboratory responsibilities in a scientific department. Over the years department administrators from other disciplines have joined the group. Annual conferences held in the past five years have hosted 150-200 participants. Through the years ABOG has increased its visibility and credibility with UCOP, and the networking of members from the various campuses has been a valuable feature of the annual conference.

The UCSC Academic Business Officers Group (ABOG) was established in 2008. It is a collaborative organization, consisting of senior business officers from academic departments and research organizations, that gathers information about, provides input to, and comments on policies and practices affecting daily operations. Its primary purposes in meeting throughout the year are to inspire collaborative leadership and management, to reinforce networking, and to share information and strategies related to challenges we face in our commitment to providing high-quality service.

Members are selected by the ABOG executive board. Membership is open to non-represented staff employees classified as Assistant III-Supervisors and above. In order to be considered for inclusion as a member-at-large, interested staff are required to meet the following criteria:

1. You report directly to an academic department chair or director/head of an academic or research unit.

2. You have responsibilities for, or support the operation of, teaching and/or research units.

3. You have financial and/or supervisory responsibilities, as shown on your unit's organizational chart.

Membership selections are ongoing throughout the year. For information and an application, visit the ABOG website.