Budget Update: Information on budget challenges, furlough/salary reduction plan

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Furlough/salary reduction planning

Latest News:

  • May 3: Members of the UC Post-Employment Benefits Task Force held a forum at the Music Center Recital Hall to talk about their work and the range of possible options they are considering for the University's pension and retiree health programs. [More]
  • April 2: In a message to the campus community, Campus Provost Kliger shares information about campuswide budget allocations for the 2010-11 fiscal year - budget allocations that anticipate a net decline in state support of slightly more than $8 million, or 4.5 percent. [More]
  • January 6: UC President Yudof reports that Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed a constitutional amendment that would rebalance the state's priorities - increasing the state's investment in public higher education while reducing its expenditure on corrections. [More]
  • December 18: With a continued state budget deficit looming, Campus Provost Kliger reports that he has asked principal officers to evaluate the potential impacts of additional budget cuts - ranging from 5.5 to 11 percent in each academic and administrative division. [More]
  • November 10: Chancellor Blumenthal and Campus Provost/EVC Dave Kliger spoke and answered questions from staff and faculty on the current budget situation. Both sessions were recorded and are available for viewing.
  • November 3: Members of the UC Post-Employment Benefits Task Force held a fact-finding meeting at the Stevenson Event Center. President Yudof established the task force to study and recommend funding, policy, and benefits design alternatives to help UC develop a comprehensive, long-term approach to post-employment benefits.
  • October 29: Representatives from four working groups of the UC Commission on the Future visited UCSC as part of a system-wide listening tour.
  • September 11: Campus Provost Kliger reports that campus staff implementing the UC furlough/salary reduction plan are working on the "few [remaining] details affecting limited clusters of employees." [More]
  • September 10: In a letter to UC faculty, Lawrence Pitts, UC's interim provost and executive vice president of academic affairs, explains why he recommended to President Yudof that "faculty not use furlough days on days of face-to-face instruction." [More]
  • September 4: Campus Provost David Kliger says campus staff are hard at work on a furlough/salary reduction implementation plan. [More]
  • August 27: Peggy Delaney, interim vice chancellor for Planning and Budget, and Tom Vani, vice chancellor for Business and Administrative Services, provide information about an expansion of campus curtailment days. The additional days have been added as part of campuswide efforts to implement the UC systemwide furlough program. [More]
  • August 21: UC's Office of the President has posted new information on salary reduction/furlough implementation. The page includes links to a Q&A for administrators, the employee Q&A, and a new piece, Provisions Governing the Use of Furlough Time. More information is expected in coming days, including payroll guidelines. [More]

    Archived News:

  • August 21: In his weekly update, Campus Provost David Kliger discusses some of the comments he has received about the budget process. [More]
  • August 14: UCOP explains how the university is able to fund certain critical construction projects during a fiscal crisis. [More]
  • August 14: CP/EVC Kliger discusses the impact of losing an average of 8 percent of staff and faculty work time when the pending salary reduction/furlough plan takes effect. [More]
  • August 7: CP/EVC Kliger describes the planning process for dealing with 20 percent less state support for instruction and academic support. [More]
  • August 3: UCOP has provided updated information on its furlough/salary reduction plan Q&A page.
  • July 31: Chancellor Blumenthal and CP/EVC Kliger held a budget forum for faculty and academic employees. The forum was recorded and is available for viewing or listening.
  • July 23: Chancellor Blumenthal and CP/EVC Kliger addressed current budget issues and answered questions at a budget forum for campus staff members. The 90-minute session was recorded. [More]
  • July 16: CP/EVC Kliger shares word that UC Regents have approved UC President Yudof's furlough recommendation. Kliger also provides an update on campus budget planning. [More]
  • July 15: Speaking at today's meeting of the UC Board of Regents, Chancellor Blumenthal described the impact that two years of budget cuts are having on the UCSC campus. [More]
  • July 15: Leading scientists from all 10 UC campuses are providing the UC Regents with a "white paper" today, elaborating on their July 6 letter to Governor Schwarzenegger; that letter warned that the proposed cuts to UC's budget will harm the future of science and technology in California and hurt the state's economy. [More]
  • July 10: In a letter and video to all UC faculty and academic and staff employees, President UC President Mark Yudof outlines the proposals for budget reduction strategies - including salary reductions or furloughs - that will be presented to the Board of Regents at its July 14-16 meeting. [More]
  • July 9: In an open letter to alumni and other friends of the university, three members of the Board of Regents and UC President Mark Yudof ask for help in spreading the word that UC excellence must be preserved and nurtured. [More]
  • July 9: UC President Yudof reiterates support for all 10 UC campuses in response to suggestions that some campuses be closed or their research activities scaled back. [More]
  • July 7: Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger gives an update on budget planning actions and announces two scheduled forums in the Media Theater. [More]
    • Staff forum: Thursday, July 23, 12-1:30 p.m.
    • Faculty forum: Friday, July 31, 2-3:30 p.m.
  • July 6: More than 300 leading scientists from all 10 UC campuses have sent a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger warning that the proposed cuts to UC's budget will harm the future of science and technology in California and hurt the state's economy. [More]
  • July 1: In a letter to UC President Yudof, UCSC Chancellor Blumenthal provides a summary of the more than 650 campus comments received about furlough/salary reduction options under consideration [More]
  • June 30: In a letter to the UC community, President Yudof provides an update on furlough/salary reduction options and reports on comments he has received [More]
  • June 29: In a video for the UC community, President Yudof asks for continued feedback on furlough/salary reduction options [More]
  • June 23: Chancellor Blumenthal, Campus Provost Kliger provide update on UC, campus budget [More]
  • June 19: Academic Senate Committee on Planning and Budget, Senate Chair Williams write to UCSC faculty about proposed furlough, salary reduction options
  • June 19: UCOP provides the most current information about UC budget discussions at the state level [More]
  • June 17: UC President Yudof outlines furlough, salary reduction options under consideration [More]
    • Q&A: furlough/salary reduction options
  • June 10: UC Vice President of Budget Lenz discusses key fiscal issues the university is facing [More]
  • June 1: UC president Yudof details consequences of proposed budget cuts before legislative budget committee [More]
    • See video Q& A with reporters on same web page
  • May 29: UCOP announces that pay reductions will be implemented for UC senior managers [More]
  • May 26: Chancellor Blumenthal and Campus Provost Kliger describe new budget challenges following rejection by state voters of five ballot measures [More]

Other Budget Highlights:

  • A two-year summary of the budget reductions assigned to each dean and vice chancellor [More]
  • Principles, assumptions, and approaches used to develop 2009-10 budget-reduction targets for each academic and administrative division [More]