Planning for 2010-11 budget

To: UCSC Community

From: David Kliger, Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor

Dear Campus Community,

As promised in earlier messages, I want to update you on activities related to the UCSC budget. Last Thursday our campus Planning and Budget office updated principal officers, academic Senate leaders, and student and staff representatives on California's fiscal climate and its potential impact on the 2010-11 UC budget.

The news was sobering. Early indicators suggest that the state may end this fiscal year with a deficit approaching $21 billion. A budget gap of that magnitude would likely lead to further cuts to state programs in fiscal year 2010-11. UC leaders are aggressively seeking over $300 million from the state to replace last year's one-time cuts. While this would mitigate further budget cuts to the campus, we must prepare for the possibility of sizeable reductions in state support next fiscal year.

I remain fully committed to inclusive, transparent budget planning. Last Friday, I wrote to all academic deans and principal officers asking them to evaluate the potential impacts of budget cuts ranging from 5.5 to 11 percent in each academic division and academic support function. I want to emphasize that these are not budget cuts assigned to units. This is a planning exercise that will help us understand the implications and risks of further cuts to already-strained campus operations. You'll be kept informed through ongoing communications from me, updates from your principal officers, and various opportunities for direct engagement and conversation.

While it is far too early to accurately predict the magnitude or distribution of next year's cuts, I know that the prospect of further funding reductions is dispiriting. I can assure you that we will do everything possible to maintain the integrity and quality of preparing students to make a positive impact in the world, conducting innovative research addressing the world's biggest challenges, and enhancing the quality of life in communities near and far. I hope, as we carry out our work, we can focus on how we can continue doing this work to the best of our ability with the resources we have and not only focus on resources we may lose.

With appreciation for your collective dedication and perseverance, I wish you and yours a peaceful and restful holiday.

David Kliger

Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor

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