Clarification of paystation operating hours

To: UCSC Community

From: Larry Pageler, Director of Transportation & Parking Services

I am writing to clarify Tuesday's email concerning upcoming changes to parking paystations and their operating hours. Three of the four campus parking lots with paystations do not require permits on weekends. Permits are required in the Performing Arts lot until 8:30pm on weekends, but not in the Core West parking structure or the OPERS or Hahn parking lots during that time. My previous email to the campus erroneously implied that permits are required on weekends in all lots with paystations.

The intentions of the announced changes are to 1) make the hours of enforcement consistent between paystations and parking meters, and 2) provide additional hourly parking options in the Performing Arts lot during weekdays. My apologies for the misleading communication, and best wishes for a relaxing and restorative Winter Break.