Update on Kerr Hall Occupation and Demonstration Activity

To: UCSC Student Community

From: Felicia McGinty, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Over the course of the last few days, students as well as faculty, staff, and non-UCSC community members have engaged in a variety of demonstrations and expressive activity on- and off-campus. The recent disruptions-road blockages, marches that limit access to and around campus, and building occupations-have impacted how we all conduct our business. As Campus Provost Kliger indicated in his earlier message, the recent actions have deprived all of us the freedom to carry out our work.

We value First Amendment rights and freedom of expression, and I understand your frustrations and concerns about the ongoing budget crisis and fee increases. However, University business, classes, research, and student activities must continue. The Time, Place, and Manner policies that go along with First Amendment rights help the entire campus community and allow us to conduct our work.

Be advised that if you choose to participate in demonstration and protest activities that result in violations of University policies and applicable laws, you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension and dismissal and/or criminal prosecution. We take these actions very seriously, and individuals will be held accountable. Civil disobedience has consequences. Violations of rules are not protected free speech.

We offer this information to allow you to make informed choices. For other resources, go to the Judicial Affairs Web site and the Code of Student Conduct Handbook.