Campus provost describes protest at Kerr Hall

To: UCSC Community

From: Campus Provost David Kliger

At around 3:30 this afternoon, more than 100 individuals, most appearing to be students, entered Kerr Hall and gathered in the 2nd floor lobby. As of 5 pm, they were refusing to leave and it appeared they intended to stay throughout the night.

Campus administrators arranged for the safe exit of the nearly 150 Kerr Hall workers. They have been advised not to report for work in the morning or to report to alternative locations while we continue to monitor and assess this situation.

We all are concerned about fee increases and the impacts of $50 million in state budget cuts to our campus. Unfortunately, occupying buildings - a library last week, an administrative building this week - does little more than divert precious resources while denying others their rightful access to campus facilities and services.