UCSC in the News

The media feasted on new research about the dietary habits of the notorious "man-eating lions of Tsavo," which was led by anthropologist Nate Dominy and graduate student Justin Yeakel. The story made the cover of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and made headlines from the Telegraph of the U.K. to Reuters India, and appeared in Nature, New Scientist, Discover, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News, Science Daily, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Broadcast coverage included National Public Radio, ABC News, and KFSM Radio and CBS2 in Chicago. In addition, the Associated Press, McClatchy-Tribune News Service, and Agence France Presse ran the story on their wires, generating stories in the San Francisco Chronicle, Newark Star-Ledger, and many other newspapers. The Windy Citizen, Chicagoist, mystateline.com, RedOrbit.com, and Mother Nature Network also covered the news.

Coverage of a genome sequencing project led by biomolecular engineer David Haussler included KION TV, San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Portland Oregonian, Baton Rouge Advocate, and UPI; U.K. newspapers the Telegraph, Independent, and Irish Times; ABC Science (Australia); CBC News (Canada); Straits Times (Singapore); science magazines Science, Nature, Science News, Popular Science, and Conservation; and online news sites Science Daily, GenomeWeb, Bio-IT World, Red Orbit, Gizmodo, Health News Digest, and Health Newstrack.

Physicist Michael Dine was a guest on NPR's On Point, discussing potential discoveries in physics and cosmology that might fundamentally change our views of the universe.

Economist Robert Fairlie's work was featured in a Fortune Small Business article about the best places to launch new businesses.

Astronomer Jerry Nelson was featured in a news story in Science about the Thirty-Meter Telescope project.

Astronomer David Koo was quoted in Science News and U.S. News & World Report stories about a giant supercluster of galaxies.

Film critic and community studies chair B. Ruby Rich, who coordinates the Social Documentation Program, was featured in an interview in Curve.

A study by astronomer Juerg Diemand was mentioned in a USA Today story about dark matter in our galaxy.

History professor Dana Frank appeared on the radio in Iran, commenting on the latest political agreement in Honduras for Iranian World Service English Radio in Tehran. Frank was also quoted in an Associated Press story about the U.S. position on the coup that ran in the New York Times.

Dining and Hospitality Services Director Scott Berlin was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about a competition among 31 campuses nationwide for the title of friendliest school for vegetarian diners from Peta2, a leading animal rights organization for youth. The competition comes on the heels of a new sustainable food initiative launched by the University of California.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about two Hartnell College students who won scholarships to study physics at UCSC.

Ocean scientist Adina Paytan's research on the effects of pollutants on marine life was featured in Oceanus.

Nanotechnology Now ran a story about engineer Nobuhiko Kobayashi's appointment as co-director of the Advanced Studies Laboratory.

Research by astronomer Peter Bodenheimer on the first stars to form in the universe was covered on PhysOrg.com.

Biomolecular engineer Phillip Berman was quoted in two stories about HIV vaccine research in Emergency Medicine Reports.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that the third annual Founders Day gala event was a sell-out, noting that "nearly 400 guests celebrated the theme of "Fulfilling the Promise" of UCSC's founders more than four decades ago."

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