UCSC in the News

Sociologist Craig Reinarman's expertise on drug policy was featured in a Newsweek story about the growing movement to legalize marijuana.

Music professor David Cope was featured in an interview on NPR's "All Things Considered" about a computer program he created that composes classical music.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News ran a story about molecular biologist Harry Noller, who contributed to ribosome research that earned three other scientists a Nobel Prize in chemistry. Other articles that mentioned Noller as equally deserving of the prize ran in the Salt Lake Tribune, ArsTechnica, MedGadget, and the Hindu.

Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems director Patricia Allen was cited extensively in the New York Times's Freakonomics blog by James McWilliams entitled "Is Locavorism for Rich People Only?"

The Santa Cruz Sentinel's coverage of the campus's annual fundraising success focused on scholarship recipient Kristen Heady, who received support from an endowment created by UCSC chemist Linda Davis Anderson. Anderson established the fund, which supports re-entry women in science, in memory of her mother. The San Jose Mercury News and Contra Costa Times also ran the story.

KTVU-TV is the most recent news team to tag along with Chris Wilmers of environmental studies as he tracked mountain lions in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Economist Rob Fairlie teamed up with Fortune magazine to identify the best large cities in which to start a business.

Research on nanopore technology led by biomolecular engineers Mark Akeson and David Deamer was covered by the Santa Cruz Sentinel and AzoNanotechnology.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel heralded Nate Dominy's selection as one of Popular Science magazine's annual "Brilliant 10" scientists under the age of 40 with a profile, complete with quotes from several of Dominy's UCSC colleagues.

A teleconference announcing the status of Shakespeare Santa Cruz generated two front-page stories in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, as well as coverage by SF Bay Area TV's KRON-4 and CBS's KPIX-5, Bay City News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Mid-County Post, Monterey County Weekly, Salinas Californian, and the San Jose Mercury News arts blog.

Canada's Broadcast News and The Hamilton Spectator reported that the University Library has been awarded a federal grant of $615,000 dollars to digitize the Grateful Dead Archive. The library's head of Special Collections Christine Bunting was also quoted in stories about the award in the Marin Independent Journal and Monterey County Herald. . . . And the New York Times announced that items from UCSC's Grateful Dead Archive will be previewed at a New York Historical Society exhibition and fundraising event this March.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about AIDS vaccine research led by biomolecular engineer Phil Berman.

History professor Dana Frank was interviewed by KPFA Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles, and WBAI in New York City about the continuing political crisis in Honduras.

Computer scientist James Davis was quoted in a CNET News story about the role of technology in economic development efforts in third-world countries.

Planetary scientist Erik Asphaug was quoted in a Scientific American story about a newly discovered Kuiper Belt object.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel featured a story about "UC Santa Cruz Celebrates Pixar, a week of lectures and screenings in downtown Santa Cruz and at UCSC in honor of a visit by Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios.

A New Scientist story about the LCROSS moon mission included a quote from planetary scientist Don Korycansky.

Weekend Santa Cruz profiled theater arts professor Patty Gallagher, interviewing her about her upcoming special Shakespeare Santa Cruz staged reading of Mark Twain's "The Diaries of Adam and Eve."

The Santa Cruz Weekly published a feature story on "Full Disclosure," an art exhibition at the Sesnon Gallery co-curated by art professor Melissa Gwyn and chemistry professor Scott Lokey, also quoting Sesnon director Shelby Graham. The Santa Cruz Sentinel also reported on the exhibition.

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