Shakespeare Santa Cruz to stage 2010 season

To: UCSC Campus Community

From: Chancellor George Blumenthal and Dean David Yager

We are delighted to let you know that Shakespeare Santa Cruz will stage its 29th season in 2010 and are confident it will continue the high quality of artistic performance that has characterized its first 28 years.

We commend and thank the patrons and friends of SSC and the dedicated volunteers and staff who have worked tirelessly and creatively to achieve this wonderful success story. This achievement is further noteworthy given the economy. Shakespeare Santa Cruz can be held up as an example of a cherished program that was able to persevere with a combination of efficient operations and community support.

Shakespeare Santa Cruz successfully reduced expenses and streamlined operations during the past year while also staging an outstanding season. Ticket sales were extremely strong despite the severe economic climate. These achievements and an outpouring of financial support last December will enable Shakespeare Santa Cruz to balance its current and upcoming season budgets.

Many people deserve credit for SSC's success this year-including Arts Division staff and faculty, development staff, the company itself, the community, everyone who bought tickets (including faculty and staff), and the many financial supporters from across the country, and as far away as Italy. The support from the community and beyond is truly remarkable.

In the coming year, the new business model and community support will enable SSC to maintain the high quality of performances and continue to integrate the company into the campus's core academic mission.

Professional theater companies within academic settings rarely can sustain themselves on ticket sales alone. They need strong community support and effective collaboration with their academic partners. We're committed to seeing SSC continue progressing in these directions in 2010.

As you receive this note, a media briefing is underway, and we expect a great deal of interest. You may check the campus News & Events site tomorrow for an update on media coverage.