High-wind warning for Santa Cruz area

The National Weather Service has issued a High-Wind Warning for the Santa Cruz area due to the remnants of a Pacific typhoon which will enter the area Monday night. The storm is expected to result in heavy rain and the potential for winds of 25 to 40 mph with gusts to 60 mph (up to 70 mph at higher elevations). Forecast information, including any warnings, can be found on the NWS Forecast Page.

Campus emergency personnel are monitoring conditions on and around campus and will respond as necessary. Please check this website periodically for updated information. In the event of a campus power outage due to the storm, please remain where you are if conditions are safe or go to a safe location. Campus staff will determine the nature of the outage and communicate status updates as they become available. Any campus closure or curtailment will be communicated using available means, including the CruzAlert system.

General storm preparedness information, including information on electrical outages, road closures and county sandbag locations can be found on the campus Severe Weather Hazard Resource page.

Information Technology Services recommends that all computers, fax machines, scanners, and other electrical equipment be shut off and unplugged before you leave campus this evening to protect your devices from power surges. Make sure to plug your equipment back in upon returning to campus on Monday.