UCSC in the News

A story about a National Leadership Grant of $615,175 awarded to the library from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to help digitize the Grateful Dead Archive received significant press, including a front page story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Examiner, Fresno Bee, and Contra Costa Times, as well as television news coverage on NBC and CBS in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, and San Diego, plus considerable traffic on Facebook and Twitter social network sites.

A New York Times article about domestic cats as predators of birds referenced a landmark study done in 1999 by biologists Kevin Crooks and Michael Soulé.

Economist Michael Hutchison was featured in a Christian Science Monitor article about parallels between the current U.S. recession and Japan's "lost decade" of economic stagnation during the 1990s. Despite some similarities, Hutchison noted important differences, including U.S. officials' familiarity with the cost of Japan's slow initial response to its downturn.

Film critic B. Ruby Rich of community studies was interviewed by BBC World Service Radio regarding the apprehension in Switzerland of film director Roman Polanski. Rich noted the timing of Polanski's seizure in light of 40-year anniversary of slaying of Sharon Tate and the release last year of a documentary about the case. She was also interviewed by the KGO-TV.

Astronomer Greg Laughlin was interviewed for a National Geographic Channel documentary about extrasolar planets.

The Wall Street Journal published an article about economist Rob Fairlie's research on entrepreneurship. Fortune Small Business teamed up with Fairlie and the Kauffman Foundation to announce the 50 best places to launch a business, and Phil's Stock World cited Fairlie's work in an article about the recession's impact on business creation.

A Wired News photo essay on the physics of weird, rare clouds included a quote from atmospheric scientist Patrick Chuang.

In coverage of the Federal Reserve's inflation-fighting policies, the Associated Press cited the views of economist Carl Walsh.

Music professor David Cope and his research on the topic of artificial intelligence in music were featured in Discover magazine and arstechnica blogs.

Stories about a major grant for cancer genomics research ran in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Contra Costa Times, and San Jose Mercury News.

Botanist Jean Langenheim was quoted in a Science News story about new research on the origins of amber.

Astronomer Garth Illingworth was quoted in a Science News for Kids article about Hubble Space Telescope images of distant galaxies.

Biologist James Estes was quoted in a story about sea otters in the Salinas Californian.

The San Jose Mercury News and Santa Cruz Sentinel covered the opening of a new UCSC Extension facility in Santa Clara.

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