Op-ed from the Staff Advisors to The Regents

The Staff Advisors to The Regents would like to provide you an op-ed piece disseminated to The Regents today entitled "Consultation in the Middle of the Storm - UC Continues Leading the Way."

The UC Regents' continuing goal is to foster two-way communication between UC staff and the Board. In January 2007, The Regents voted unanimously to establish positions for two Staff Advisors to participate in the deliberative process and to provide a staff perspective. The Staff Advisors make every effort to avail themselves to you through campus visits, presentations at system wide staff forums, release of topical reports, via their respective email addresses, and by constantly updating the site with new information.

Please contact us Edward Abeyta, Staff Advisor eabeyta@ucsc.edu or Juliann Martinez, Staff Advisor Designate jpmartinez@berkeley.edu for any follow up questions you may have.

Warm regards,

Edward Abeyta