Impact of the Flu Season on Instruction

To: Undergraduate Students

From: Bill Ladusaw, Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Education

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has advised universities to expect increases in cases of H1N1 influenza during the Fall term. UCSC is providing a lot of information and general advice to the campus community at We are writing to give you advice on how to work with your instructors should you become ill during the term and need to isolate yourself for a period of time and therefore miss some classes.

Based upon CDC recommendations, members of the campus community who develop flu-like illness (fever and chills AND a cough or sore throat) should isolate themselves until 24 hours after they are free of the fever. (This would likely be a period of 3-5 days.)

If this happens to you, you should promptly notify your instructors by e-mail of your status, using the information provided on the course syllabus. Notifying your college is recommended as well.

While you are away from class, you should use the syllabus for the course to follow reading assignments and track deadlines for submitting work as well as you can. Consult by e-mail with your instructors and follow their advice on submitting assignments or scheduling make-ups.

Follow the recommendations for good hygiene and prevention. Best of luck in avoiding the flu and having a successful fall term.