Recent retirements, May - August 2009

The following staff and faculty members retired during the period of May through August 2009. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their length of service (rounded to the nearest year).* Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Ron Arruda, museum scientist, curator, Arboretum, 12 years

Ronald Bedford, planning and analysis, SHR, 12 years

Jonathan Beecher, professor of history, 37 years

Margaret Brose, professor of literature, 30 years

Michael Brown, professor of politics, 26 years

Henry Burnett, director, Media Services, 8 years

Ann Caudle, director, Science Illustration, University Extension, 19 years

John Brown Childs, professor of sociology, 22 years

Tara Rinaldi Crowley, senior administrative analyst, Student Affairs, 19 years

Evelyn Day, department manager, Music Department, 37 years

Teresa Ediger, research coordinator, Humanities Division, 26 years

Geraldine Gail, director, Office of Internal Audit, 24 years

Elizabeth Lynn Galiste, department manager, Philosophy Department, 33 years

Janet Gless, associate director, New Teacher Center, 14 years

Lynda Goff, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, 33 years

Walter Goldfrank, professor of sociology and Latin American and Latino studies, 38 years

Paula Goldman, project manager, New Teacher Center, 14 years

Judith Halpin, grants manager, New Teacher Center, 11 years

Terra Hangen, original cataloging, McHenry Library, 28 years

Scott Harris, senior electronics technician, Physical and Biological Sciences Division, 19 years

Dorothy Healy, groundskeeper, Physical Plant, 30 years

Peter Holland, chief campus psychiatrist, Student Health Center, 18 years

Kristin Kerkela, contract and grant officer, Office of Sponsored Projects, 5 years

Jose Larios, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 19 years

Patrick Lecuyer, director of application solutions, ITS, 30 years

Meg Lilienthal, department manager, History Department, 21 years

Cheryl Lira, administrative assistant, Chemistry Department, 24 years

James MacKenzie, director of publications, University Relations, 30 years

Alma Martinez, associate professor of theater arts, 5 years

Dominic Massaro, professor of psychology, 28 years

Mary Susan Miller, director, English language and international programs, University Extension, 21 years

Ellen Moir, executive director, New Teacher Project, 27 years

Valente Mora, food service worker, UCSC Dining, 5 years

Mark Neenan, special projects coordinator, Services for Transfer and Re-Entry Students, 20 years

Antonio Ortiz, food service worker, UCSC Dining, 6 years

Barbra Parees, financial manager, University Affiliated Research Center, 30 years

Deanna Raudman, lead driver, TAPS, 5 years

Alan Richards, professor of economics, 30 years

Paul Richter, Community Safety Program, 8 years

Ann Rickard, financial assistant, Social Sciences Division, 10 years

Cherylee Roberts, senior Staff HR partner, 34 years

Stephen Rudzinski, staff research associate, Arts Division, 16 years

Hartmut Sadrozinski, adjunct professor of physics, 29 years

Laurie Salatich, registration coordinator, Registrar's Office, 31 years

John Schechter, professor of music, 24 years

Jonathan Silver, director of model teaching, New Teacher Center, 22 years

Mary Silver, professor of ocean sciences, 37 years

Sue Sinclair, contract and grant officer, Office of Sponsored Projects, 37 years

Philip Spencer, Community Safety Program, 9 years

Joan Tannheimer, administrative assistant, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 13 years

Janice Tetlow, senior publications coordinator, University Relations, 18 years

Larry Trujillo, director, Student Academic Support Services, 21 years

Joan Walker, advising services manager, Career Center, 26 years

Anne Watkins, senior outreach coordinator, New Teacher Center, 12 years

Donna Weeks, senior training consultant, Staff HR, 5 years

Wei Wei, librarian, McHenry Library, 21 years

* Retirement information provided by the UCSC Benefits Office.

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