Impact on Receiving Services

If the strike exceeds one day, either a Receiving staff person or a contracted vendor (Cal-West Transfer) will pick up shipments from the UPS Center and deliver them to campus. Packages picked up from UPS will be held at Receiving Services for customer pick up or to be delivered at a later date.

Where possible, we will arrange to offload other carrier shipments at an alternate off-campus location into our own truck and deliver them to campus. We will notify campus units when their particular shipment has reached the campus receiving location and arrangements can be made for customer pick up or immediate delivery depending upon urgency.

If you are expecting delivery of perishable goods by another carrier (DHL, FedEx, etc.) contact Receiving directly (459-2852) to make arrangements.

All other services provided by Receiving Services will be suspended until normal operations can resume, i.e., moving services, shipping & delivery services, rental equipment, surplus store sales.