Chancellor Blumenthal addresses UC Board of Regents

To: UCSC Community

From: UCSC Public Affairs

Earlier today, Chancellor Blumenthal described for the UC Board of Regents Committee on Educational Policy how UC Santa Cruz is moving forward with its Strategic Academic Plan in a time of diminishing resources.

UC President Yudof has asked each chancellor - over a two-year period - to provide the committee with a comprehensive presentation of that campus's strategic plan. UC Santa Cruz is the third campus to present.

Chancellor Blumenthal described a "young, vibrant campus continuing its ascent within the prism of tough economic realities."

"We are all understandably concerned by budget cuts and furloughs," the Chancellor told the Regents. "But I truly believe that 20 years from now, people will remember the progress achieved at Santa Cruz during this period much more clearly than the pain we shared."

- A transcript of the chancellor's 20-minute presentation is available here.

- An audio recording of the presentation is available here.

- Audio of the 16-minute question-and-answer session that followed is available here.

- The chancellor's PowerPoint slides in pdf form are available here.