UCSC in the News

The Los Angeles Times covered the results of a new statewide public-opinion poll about attitudes toward the death penalty. Conducted by psychology professor Craig Haney, the poll revealed eroding support and growing public concern about the possible execution of innocent people, among other insights. The Santa Cruz Sentinel also did a story, the Oakland Tribune published an opinion piece about the poll's findings, and Haney's results were also picked up and circulated by the ACLU of Northern California, the StandDown Texas Project, and others.

Earth scientist James Zachos was quoted in a Christian Science Monitor story about the role of methane gas in global warming.

USA Today tapped economist Joshua Aizenman for a recent story about the outlook for China's economy.

Climate scientist Mark Snyder contributed to a study on the effects of climate change on California birds that was reported in the San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Francisco Chronicle, and Science Daily.

The San Jose Mercury News published an op-ed by history professor Dana Frank describing how the recent Honduran coup has been far from bloodless and urging Americans to demand a full condemnation of the military regime's violent repression. . . . Frank was interviewed by the Associated Press for a story about the type of political pressure the U.S. is putting on the interim Honduras government to restore the ousted president. . . . She also made another appearance to discuss the issue on KPFA Radio news.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News reported on marine scientist Brandon Southall's research into the effects of sonar on beaked whales.

Wikipedia's decision to introduce the WikiTrust program developed by computer scientist Luca de Alfaro was reported in Wired News, PC Magazine, and SantaCruz.com.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a front-page story about wildlife ecologist Chris Wilmers's research on mountain lions and recent efforts by researcher Paul Houghtaling to assess the wellbeing of local pumas in the wake of the Lockheed Fire, which charred a portion of the big cats' territory.

Arboretum director Dan Harder was quoted in a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News about state plans to eradicate the light brown apple moth.

The San Jose Mercury News profiled art alumnus FJ Anderson, an aspiring artist who specializes in large scale paintings of ocean waves.

Sociologist E. Melanie DuPuis posted an opinion piece on Grist.org.

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