Information provided about expanded campus curtailment days

To: UCSC Academic and Staff Employees

From: Peggy Delaney, Interim Vice Chancellor, Planning and Budget; Tom Vani, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services

Campus Provost Kliger has asked our two offices to share information about additional UCSC "curtailment days" that will be in effect this coming year as part of campuswide efforts to implement the systemwide furlough program. These curtailment days were selected after review of input submitted by members of the campus community and just-released UCOP guidelines.

In previous years, the campus has curtailed services for several days between December 24 and New Year's Day in order to save utility costs. To minimize the impact of furloughs on campus operations and employee workload and to accrue savings from other sources such as reduced utility costs, campus leadership has approved the following curtailment periods for the 2009-10 academic year:

Winter Curtailment: December 19 - January 3

December 24, 25, 31 and January 1 are paid university holidays

December 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30 are not paid holidays

Spring Curtailment: March 25 - 28

March 26 is a paid university holiday

March 25 is not a paid holiday

During the campus curtailment periods, employees participating in the furlough plan are encouraged to use furlough days but may also use vacation, accrued compensatory time off or leave without pay. Furlough days may be taken in advance of accrual.

Employees not included in the plan may use vacation, accrued compensatory time off or leave without pay. Employees without sufficient accumulated vacation will be allowed to use a specified number of days prior to actual accrual as specified by University personnel policies.

Employees who would normally be required to wait six months before using accrued vacation will be allowed to use vacation even if the required waiting period has not yet been completed.

Units planning to maintain operations as usual during the curtailment periods should refer to the "Exceptions to Campus Curtailment" memo that will be forthcoming.

Remaining furlough days will need to be scheduled in accordance with each department or unit's operational needs, in the same way that vacation days are determined through discussions with supervisors. Furlough days must be planned in advance.

With regard to instruction, UCOP has issued the following statement: "Faculty furlough days will not occur on instructional days (days for which a faculty member is scheduled to give lectures, lead classes or workshops, have scheduled office hours, or have other scheduled face-to-face responsibilities for students)."

CP/EVC Kliger will continue his messages to the community upon his return next week. But he asked that this new information about campus curtailment days be shared immediately.

Please remember to regularly check the campus's Budget Update web site for the latest information:

On behalf of CP/EVC Kliger, we thank those of you who provided feedback about the proposed Campus Curtailment/Furlough dates.