Pool renovation going swimmingly

The East Field pool is on track to reopen in mid September. (Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta)

It's almost Speedo time again.

The 50-meter pool at the East Field closed for renovation and repairs in late April and appears to be on track to reopen in mid September.

Work included removing and replacing all the plaster and tile, replacing the concrete deck, and installing new lights.

Built in 1987, the pool was aging, said Project Manager Henry Salameh of Physical Plant.

"It's not unusual for a pool to be renovated about every 20 years," Salameh said.

The pool will be refilled next week, something the campus coordinated with the Santa Cruz City Water Department and planned for by reducing its water use by an equivalent amount over the summer, according to Salameh.

After refilling the pool, it will take about two weeks for the water to be heated and chemically balanced.