H1N1 Influenza Information and Update

To: Campus Community

From: Drew Malloy, MD-Medical Director

July 9, 2009

From: Drew Malloy, M.D., UCSC Medical Director

Santa Cruz County Update:

As of 7/9/09 there have been 14 confirmed and 18 probable cases of H1N1 influenza in Santa Cruz County residents and a single death this week. In the State of California, there have been 1985 confirmed and probable cases and nationwide the total confirmed cases are 33,902.

Campus Influenza Update:

There has been a cluster of influenza like illness among teens attending a summer residential camp at UCSC in the past week. A total of 18 campers residing in Crown College and one staff member have developed influenza like symptoms and several have had tests that confirmed Influenza A as the cause. The testing does not distinguish between Influenza A (regular flu) and H1N1 influenza but the management and recommendations for both are the same. All ill campers with influenza like illness have been isolated and their parents notified that their children must return home. None of the campers have been hospitalized. Repeated messages to campers and staff on the importance of hand washing and respiratory hygiene have been issued.

The Santa Cruz County Health Department has made recommendations to lessen further transmission of this contagious illness. Anyone with temperature over 100 and symptoms of cough or sore throat is presumed to have an influenza like illness and should consult their health care provider. It is especially important for persons with asthma, diabetes or other chronic conditions contact their health care provider early on to discuss the risks and benefits of anti-viral treatments. Patients should not use Emergency Room unless they are severely ill and having breathing difficulty.