UCSC in the News

The New York Times interviewed sociology professor Paul Lubeck about the recent outbreak of violence in Nigeria. Lubeck, who was in Nigeria, attributed the violence to the nation's dire economic circumstances.

Astronomer Gregory Laughlin continues to attract media attention as an expert on planets: He was quoted in an article in the New York Times about the role of Jupiter in the history of our solar system; he was featured in a Planet Quest article about the future of our galaxy; and a front-page story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel covered his interview for a History Channel documentary at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, where he used bumper cars to illustrate how planetary liquids form.

A New York Times column about health care and entrepreneurship cited research by economist Rob Fairlie before concluding that "the health care mess is clearly weighing down entrepreneurship in this country."

UCSC faculty, including Sandra Faber, Mark Krumholz, Stefano Profumo, Quentin Williams, and Chancellor George Blumenthal, have been prominently featured in coverage of the UC budget cuts in the San Francisco Chronicle, Science and Nature magazines, NPR's Morning Edition, and local TV stations KION and KSBW. Faber was also interviewed by the Economist magazine for a story to appear this week. Faber and Krumholz organized a letter from hundreds of UC faculty to the governor decrying the impacts of the cuts.

A Chronicle of Higher Education story about the long-term effects of budget cuts on the UC system noted the scholarship of UCSC history professor and Chinese historian Gail Hershatter.

The Boston Globe quoted Jewish Studies program co-director and professor of literature and history Nathaniel Deutsch in an article about the struggle of Mandean-Americans from Iraq to preserve their culture in the United States.

Physicists Robert Johnson, Marcus Ziegler, and Michael Dormody were featured in coverage of their discovery of radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars using the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope, with stories appearing in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News, Good Times, UPI, Space Daily, Science Daily, SoftPedia, Asian News International, and Hindustan Times.

Dana Frank was interviewed on Boston Public Radio's WZBC, and twice more on the KPFA news about the political situation in Honduras.

Biologist Mark Carr was interviewed by KGO TV for a story about the impact of new fisheries management strategies on West Coast rockfish.

Ocean scientist Christina Ravelo was quoted in stories in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Victoria Times Colonist (Canada) about an expedition she is leading to the Bering Sea.

Coastal geologist Gary Griggs was featured in a KQED TV Quest program about the tsunami hazard on the West Coast.

KSBW TV interviewed marine biologist Baldo Marinovic about changes in ocean conditions along the coast that may be related to El Niño.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat ran an editorial by Arboretum director Daniel Harder and UC Davis entomologist James Carey claiming that current efforts by state and federal agencies to control the light-brown apple moth are futile.

Biologist Donald Croll was quoted in a story in the San Jose Mercury News and Santa Cruz Sentinel about a ban on krill fishing along the West Coast.

An article about Año Nuevo Island in the San Francisco Chronicle featured graduate student Abe Borker and reserve manager Pat Morris.

New technology for biological sensors developed by electrical engineer Holger Schmidt was covered by Medical News Today, MediLexicon, Science Daily, SoftPedia, and Controlled Environments magazine.

Benedict Paten, a postdoc at the Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering, was quoted in a LiveScience article about the possibility of resurrecting extinct animals from frozen tissue.

DotMed News ran a story about chemist Pradip Mascharak's research on light-sensitive compounds for cancer therapy.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a photograph of students working on a mural project at Live Oak Elementary School. The project is part of a year-long research project being run by psychology graduate student Danielle Kohfeldt.

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