Overview of 2008-09 and 2009-10 budget reductions

2008-09 budget reductions

UC Santa Cruz's permanent cut in 2008-09 was $4.5 million. The campus also received a one-time, mid-year cut of $6 million, the majority of which was covered from campus central reserves.

2009-10 budget reductions

UC Santa Cruz is planning for permanent cuts in 2009-10 of $19.8 million. This includes base budget cuts from the State, as well as mandatory cost increases for employee benefits, utilities, faculty merits, and collective bargaining agreements. The campus must also address one-time cuts totaling $22.1 million during 2009-10.

Summary of two-year budget reductions

The cumulative impact over two years is that UC Santa Cruz has incurred reduction in the State-funded portion of our budget of 20 percent. The cutback in state funding, combined with the mandatory cost increases expected next year, are of such a magnitude that no area of campus can be spared from permanent budget reductions.

Summary of budget cuts by year

2008-09 ($4.5M permanent)

  • $1M - academic divisions

  • $2.9M - administrative/academic support units

  • $626K - central funds

2008-09 ($6M one-time)

  • $627K - administrative/academic support units

  • $406K - academic divisions

  • $1.97M - start up from deferred recruitments

  • $3M - central funds

2009-10 ($19.8M permanent)

  • $11.9M - administrative/academic support units

  • $6.3M - academic divisions

  • $1.6M - central funds

2009-10 ($22M one-time)

  • $9.5M - central funds

  • $12.5M - furloughs/salary reduction plan

Summary of two-year budget cuts by area

Academic Divisions

  • $7.3M (permanent)

  • $406K (one-time)

Administrative/Academic Support Divisions

  • $14.8M (permanent)

  • $627K (one-time)

Central funds

  • $2.2M (permanent)

  • $1.97M - start up from deferred recruitments (one-time)

  • $3M (one-time)

  • $9.5M (additional one-time)

Furloughs/salary reduction plan

  • $12.5M (estimate, one-time)

The detail on the distribution of these cuts by division is also available; as well as a letter from the Campus Provost with an overview of the campus strategy.