2009-10 Parking and Program Renewals Underway

To: UCSC Community

From: Larry Pageler, Director of Transportation & Parking Services

Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is pleased to announce that on-line renewal of parking permits and Faculty/Staff Bus Passes is now underway for the 2009-10 fiscal year.

Parking rates for the new year will remain the same for 90 percent of the campus population (those who purchase A, B, C, R, or Temporary permits). Rates will increase August 1, 2009 for the following permit types:

. Carpool permits

. Night permits

. A/B "Scratcher" permits (first packet only)

The rates for several transportation programs (i.e., vanpools and the faculty/staff bus pass) will also increase.

In the programs where an increase was deemed necessary, we tried to keep them as low as possible because we recognize that everyone is impacted by the current financial crisis. Such increases were capped at 10 percent, and the bike shuttle program will remain free of charge.

These increases will help keep the TAPS program, which is designed to be self-supporting, with a balanced budget for the 2009-10 academic year. They are also consistent with the three primary objectives articulated by the campus's Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), and supported by the Campus Welfare Committee:

. Begin to reduce subsidies to commuter and parking programs to improve their financial sustainability;

. Keep daytime and nighttime rates consistent; and

. Simplify parking permit policies when possible.

Specific increases to the 2009-10 Transportation and Parking program rates include:

. A/B "Scratcher" permit program. The first packet of 50 permits will increase $18 to $198, with additional packets costing the same. Half packets of 25 permits will increase $9 to $99, while carpool or vanpool participants will see a $12 increase for a packet of 50 ($144).

. Close-in carpool permits. A, B, and C carpool rates will increase $3.75/month to $43.25/month, or $129.75/quarter, with the price distributed equally among members of the carpool. The ten-month carpool permit will increase by $37.50 to $432.50. This will reduce the 40 percent campus subsidy of these permits.

. "N" Night permits. They will increase $.75/month to $9.25. Temporary Night permits will increase $1 to $3/night.

. Faculty/Staff Bus passes. Fares will increase $3.75/month to $8.75. This will reduce the 70 percent campus subsidy of these passes.

. Commuter Vanpools. Rates will rise between $5 and $9 per month, depending on the route. This will reduce the 70 percent campus subsidy of this program.

In addition, administrative fees will now be charged for replacing lost or stolen permits, renewing quarterly permits and passes without providing the original permit or pass, or any changes to permit types or commute programs that require a new permit or pass.

For detailed information on parking rates and access to the on-line application, please visit the TAPS home page at: http://www2.ucsc.edu/taps

Thank you very much.