Overview of 2008-09 and 2009-10 budget reductions

2008-09 budget reductions

UC Santa Cruz's permanent cut in 2008-09 was $4.5 million. The campus also received a one-time, mid-year cut of $6 million, the majority of which was covered from campus central reserves.

2009-10 budget reductions

UC Santa Cruz is planning for permanent cuts in 2009-10 of $13 million. This includes base budget cuts from the State, as well as mandatory cost increases for employee benefits, utilities, and faculty merits.

Summary of two-year budget reductions

The cumulative impact over two years is that UC Santa Cruz has incurred reduction in the State-funded portion of our budget of over 9 percent. The cutback in state funding, combined with the mandatory cost increases expected next year, are of such a magnitude that no area of campus can be spared from permanent budget reductions.

Summary of budget cuts by year

2008-09 ($4.5M permanent)

  • $1M - academic divisions

  • $2.9M - administrative units

  • $626K - central funds

2008-09 ($6M one-time)

  • $627K - administrative units

  • $406K - academic divisions

  • $1.97M - start up from deferred recruitments

  • $3M - central funds

2009-10 ($13M permanent)

  • $8.5M - administrative units

  • $4.5M - academic divisions

Summary of two-year budget cuts by area

Academic Divisions

  • $5.5M (permanent)

  • $406K (one-time)

Administrative Divisions

  • $11.4M (permanent)

  • $627K (one-time)

Central funds

  • $626K (permanent)

  • $1.97M - start up from deferred recruitments (one-time)

  • $3M (one-time)

The detail on the distribution of these cuts by division is also available.

The viability of the State 2009-10 budget plan depends not only upon the passage of propositions on the May 19 ballot but also on assumptions about how quickly the California economy will recover. In March, the Legislative Analyst projected that revenues will fall short of the assumptions in the budget package by $8 billion. In May, the California Department of Finance will revise their revenue estimates at which time the Governor will propose further measures to balance the State budget.