Newsletter from staff advisors to the Regents available online

The inaugural issue of the quarterly newsletter from the staff advisors to the Regents is now available.

To receive future newsletters and other information via e-mail from the staff advisors to the Regents, enter your information on this website.

The newsletter will help the staff advisors share relevant information and news with colleagues across the system. The e-mail list that is generated will also be used as a communication channel to send out periodic updates and solicit input from staff throughout the year.

The newsletter will evolve to include alternative formats and languages to reach as many members of the UC community as possible. Updates about this progress will be announced in the coming months.

The staff advisors website is a great way to stay in touch with the staff advisors. It includes a "What's On Your Mind?" feature, through which you can send the staff advisor and staff advisor designate ideas, concerns, and thoughts about what is going on at your location or around UC.