UCSC in the News

The cover story of the May issue of Scientific American, "What Makes Us Human?," focuses on research conducted in biomolecular engineer David Haussler's lab. Haussler's research is also mentioned in an editorial in Genome Technology magazine. The research described in the Scientific American article received widespread media coverage at the time it was published in 2006 (see press release for details.)

The Wall Street Journal ran an article about former Seagate CEO Bill Watkins's fund-raising efforts for the Grateful Dead Archive, which is housed at McHenry Library.

The appointment of Arthur Ramirez as dean of the Baskin School of Engineering was covered by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nanotechnology News, MSN Money, and Real World Engineering.

A Wall Street Journal article about plans to change street lights in San Jose quoted astronomer Burt Jones on the potential impacts on Lick Observatory.

A San Jose Mercury News story about astronomer Steve Vogt and the Automated Planet Finder telescope was reprinted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Monterey Herald.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel published a story about the work of UCSC film and digital media students featured in the Santa Cruz Film Festival this May--as well as a story about history alum Cary Fukunaga's new feature film Sin Nombre--both on the front page of the paper's weekly arts and entertainment section.

Astrophysicist Piero Madau was quoted in a Wired News story about the use of supercomputers in scientific research.

Robotics research by computer engineer Jacob Rosen was featured in Robotics Trends.

Glaciologist Slawek Tulaczyk was quoted in a Science Now article about a microbial ecosystem discovered beneath an Antarctic glacier.

Research on white dwarf stars by astronomy graduate student Rachel Strickler was covered by Science Daily and PhysOrg.com.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about UCSC's community "Ode to Santa Cruz" poetry competition, in which renowned author and host of A Prairie Home Companion Garrison Keillor will read the winning poem onstage during his Santa Cruz appearance.

Film and digital media student Michael Tucker was featured--and associate film professor Gustavo Vazquez was quoted--in a Contra Costa Times story about Tucker's film The Reunion of Amillia Marbleberry, the closing night selection of the National Film Festival for Talented Youth in Seattle. A Contra Costa Times columnist also gave a nod to UCSC's "Ode to Santa Cruz" poetry competition.

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