Spring and summer construction updates

East Field House pool repairs and boiler replacement project

April 26-September 4 (possibly longer)

Workers will remove and replace the pool plaster, tile, and six feet of the surrounding concrete deck. Work also includes ADA upgrades to the parking lot, restrooms, shower, and locker facilities. Heating boilers will also be replaced during the pool shutdown. Work will be contained within the fenced area around the pool, half of the parking lot east of the East Field House building, part of the lobby at the first floor, and the men's and women's restrooms and locker facilities. The unisex locker room and the second floor will remain open, as will other buildings at the facility.

All disruptive work will be suspended during graduation weekend (June 12-14).

The pool will be shut down during the duration of the project. Demolition and replacement of the pool plaster and deck concrete will be noisy. All dust will be contained to the site and monitored. There will be a steady flow of construction vehicles to and from the site during the project along the service road, but all roads and paths will remain open.

Pedestrian and vehicle access around the project will remain open. Because of safety concerns, at times during certain phases of the work there will be provisions to redirect the pedestrian path of travel.

Campus street striping

August 25-September 11

Workers will repaint road striping, crosswalks, stop bars, and messages on campus primary and secondary roads.

There will be momentary delays at various locations on campus roads, crosswalks, and stop signs.

Pedestrian and vehicle access will be open during painting.

Heller Road pavement rehabilitation--West Entrance to College Eight

June 15-September 14

Work will include demolition of existing road, conform grinding, grading, excavation, installation of hot mix asphalt full roadway overlay, and road striping.

Two-way traffic control will be in place. Expect up to three-minute delays in both directions. Construction will be noisy because of large construction equipment. Cyclists should be aware of elevation changes in the road during construction.

Vehicle and pedestrian access will be open during construction.

Kerr Hall, Crown, and Merrill stairway replacement

July to mid September

All work locations will include demolition of existing asphalt pathways, installation of new concrete stairs, landings, steel handrails, and path lighting

Project includes four locations:

  • Kerr Hall main entrance: Area of work will extend from Steinhart down existing asphalt path to existing concrete deck.

  • Kerr Hall loading dock: Area of work will be at walkway next to existing retaining wall.

  • Crown bus stop: Area of work will extend from bus stop to Crown service road.

  • Merrill main entrance: Area of work is the path south of Merrill circle.

Alternate campus path routes should be used in all areas during construction. There will be noise from demolition and grading equipment.

Because of safety issues, there will be no access in these areas during construction.

Crown kitchen grease interceptor replacement

June 16-September 1

Workers will install a below-ground grease interceptor that will be used by the Crown kitchen. The exterior work areas affected will be between Banana Joe's/Crown Student Life Office/Vallier Hall. The exterior work will include an excavation for the grease interceptor and for piping to be run between the Crown kitchen and the grease interceptor location. The interior work is to replace all the kitchen waste piping in the crawl space beneath the kitchen. The Crown kitchen will be closed for the duration of the project. All kitchen maintenance and cleanings will be suspended until the completion of the project.

During Phase 1, there will be excavating equipment and construction vehicles traveling the Crown College service roads. There will be construction noise and minor disruptions during this phase of the project (jack hammers/trucks/excavator/back-up buzzers/crane).

Also during this phase, the foot traffic pathways adjacent to the excavation site will have disabled access available when needed. Normal pedestrian foot traffic will be re-routed around the excavation site. The contractor is to provide signage for the detour of the foot traffic. Phase 1 work is to be completed by July 5. There will be a large crane or forklift used to install the new grease interceptor. On that date, which is yet to be determined, for approximately four hours there will be emergency access only to any foot traffic surrounding the excavation site.

During Phase 2, there will not be any impact to the campus.

21-kilovolt cable and switch replacement

This project is wrapping up and should be completed by June 1.

The next date workers we will be working on the Campus 21kv electrical system is tentatively May 16. They will fine-tune the control relays, re-seat three 21kv bushings, install a small 12kv transformer, and synchronize relay. They plan to do this work on a Saturday so that if there happens to be an un-planned power outage classes will not be affected. The work is tentatively scheduled for 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. May 16.

The work will be done at Merrill Substation, which is above the Chadwick Garden. Officials do not anticipate any restricted access or traffic disruptions.

As the contractor is modifying the switch and breaker control wiring, it may cause a breaker to open, resulting in power outage. But that scenario is not likely. Officials will send out a notice to the campus to that effect on May 1 and will ask that anyone working on sensitive projects requiring electricity or cooling without backup power to wait until the work is done. They also recommend that sensitive equipment be turned off that day.