Rehire of retirees policy and senior management group review process

To: UCSC Staff and Academic Employees

From: Willeen McQuitta, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources; Pamela Peterson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel

To ensure the effectiveness of the University of California's practices regarding the reemployment of retirees, the University has enacted Rehire of Retirees Policy for UC employees who return to UC in either a staff or Senior Management Group (SMG) position.

The policy became effective January 1, 2009 and is available online at:

Questions about reemployment of a retiree into a staff position should be directed to your HR Service Team Representative,

Questions about reemployment of a retiree into a SMG position should be directed to Terilynn Bench in the Academic Personnel Office,, 9-5380.

We also would like to announce the Senior Management (SMG) Review Process Policy. This policy provides direction and authority for a performance review process that establishes goals and expectations and reviews the accomplishments of the SMG members of the University.

The policy became effective July 1, 2008 and is available online at:

Questions about the Senior Management Group (SMG) Performance Review Process should be directed to Alison Lucas, Director of Administrative Services,, 9-3885.

The Office of the President is finalizing implementation guidelines for both the Rehire of Retirees Policy and the SMG Review Process Policy, and we will be working to update our local procedure in light of the final policies.