UCSC in the News

Biochemists Roger Linington and Scott Lokey are featured in a CNBC TV news story about their work at the UCSC Chemical Screening Center to evaluate compounds from marine microbes as potential treatments for cancer and other diseases.

The Los Angeles Times reviewed history alumnus Cary Fukunaga's new film, Sin Nombre, noting "there is bitter and breathtaking truth in the story and in the storytelling, which won Fukunaga--who went to college at UC Santa Cruz--the directing and cinematography award in the dramatic competition at the Sundance Film Festival." The San Diego Union-Tribune, Washington Times, East Bay Express, Contra Costa Times, and San Jose Mercury News also ran stories on Fukunaga and the film.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story about peregrine falcons in downtown S.F. and their fans, with quotes from Glenn Stewart of the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group.

San Francisco Chronicle theater critic Robert Hurwitt described the upcoming Shakespeare Santa Cruz summer season in a column on the back page of the "Datebook" arts section. SSC artistic director Marco Barricelli and assistant theater arts professor Patty Gallagher were quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel review of their collaboration for a pre-season dramatic event, which was hailed as "a ribtickling success."

A Santa Cruz Sentinel community columnist noted that humanities lecturer Gary Young received the 2009 Shelley Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, honoring "a living American poet selected with reference to genius and need."

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about the Cancer Genomics Browser developed by David Haussler, Ting Wang, and other researchers in the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering.

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