Statement from UCSC dean concerning proposed budget cuts

Sheldon Kamieniecki, dean of Social Sciences at UCSC, issued the following statement today (April 7, 2009) regarding divisional cuts, including cuts in Community Studies, that he is considering in response to the need to reduce the division's budget by $1.3 million, effective July 1:

"As we prepare to implement what will be painful budget cuts in Social Sciences, misinformation is circulating about the potential impact of those cuts on the Community Studies program.

"Here is what is actually happening:

"As has been reported, UC Santa Cruz faces an estimated cut in permanent state funding for fiscal year 2009-10 of $13 million. This is on top of one-time and permanent campus cuts imposed last fiscal year that totaled over $6 million. The Social Sciences Division will absorb $1.3 million of those cuts in the next fiscal year. A budget reduction of this magnitude will necessarily impact many of our division's undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

"There are no easy choices, and all of the cuts will be painful.

"We are considering eliminating administrative support positions in Community Studies. Administrative support for this academic program will continue, and will be provided by one or more of our Social Science departments. Students enrolled in the Community Studies major - including 2009 frosh who declare that major - are unaffected. They will continue to have a full range of academic support.

"And, contrary to rumors, there has been no decision, or even a formal proposal, to discontinue the Community Studies major."