UCSC in the News

Economist Rob Fairlie has been in the media spotlight lately, fielding calls from top national publications. The New York Times interviewed him about business ownership rates during the past three recessions, while Harper's Magazine wanted information about Fairlie's work on the wages of biracial blacks. The Los Angeles Times called about a new paper of Fairlie's that examines black and white unemployment rates over the business cycle. Finally, Entrepreneur.com published an article about Fairlie's work on the state of black-owned businesses in this country. Fairlie lamented the lack of progress in black entrepreneurship, particularly compared to gains made by blacks in education, politics, and the labor market.

Postdoctoral researcher Chris Darimont of environmental studies made headlines with research on coastal wolves, which he says have evolved "like no other wolves." Articles appeared in the Edmonton (Alberta) Journal, the Vancouver Province, the Victoria Times, the Times Colonist, and the Nanaimo Daily News, among other publications. Darimont also penned an opinion piece for the Toronto Globe & Mail about the policy implications of his team's findings.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal ran a story about the Chemical Screening Center featuring director Scott Lokey, associate director Nadine Gassner, and biochemist Roger Linington.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that that humanities lecturer Gary Young received the Poetry Society of America's 2009 Shelley Memorial Award, noting that he graduated from UCSC in 1973. The news was also announced in Publishers Weekly and Publishers Marketplace, as well as numerous online poetry sites and blogs.

The San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner ran stories about up-and-coming filmmaker and UCSC alumnus Cary Joji Fukunaga, who was recently honored at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival for his film Sin Nombre.

Physicist Michael Dine was quoted in a New Scientist article about gravitational waves.

Astronomer Justyn Maund was featured in a Live Science story about his research on the type of the stars that explode as type II supernovae.

Water expert Brent Haddad's work was cited by a columnist with Red Bluff's Daily News. Lamenting his well's drop in productivity, the author noted Haddad's expertise on water desalination and wondered, "If the Saudis can do it, why can't we?"

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about the cultural legacy of the Grateful Dead, highlighting the band's archive now being cataloged at McHenry Library.

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