UCSC in the News

Coverage of UCSC's new partnership to develop a research and education community at NASA Ames included stories on KLIV and KCBS radio, Silicon Valley Business Journal, KSBW and KPIX television, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey County Herald, Mountain View Voice, Palo Alto Weekly, Palo Alto Daily News, Chronicle of Higher Education, MSNBC.com, Information Week, and SpaceRef.com. The San Jose Mercury News also ran an editorial on the benefits of the partnership.

Julie Guthman of community studies was mentioned in a New York Times Freakonomics blog post about her work as a food geographer. The posting mentioned Guthman's paper, "Can't Stomach It: How Michael Pollan et al. Made Me Want to Eat Cheetos," which was reprinted in Utne Reader.

The New Yorker magazine's blog reported that humanities lecturer Gary Young received the Poetry Society of America's 2009 Shelley Memorial Award, and provided a link to the UCSC web site's story. The Guardian.uk.co--one of the world's leading online newspapers and the first one in Britain to attract more than 25 million monthly users--ran a feature story about Young and the award. Poetry Daily, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Media Newswire, and informednews.com also reported on Young's award.

A USA Today story about the Kepler space telescope included quotes from astronomer Greg Laughlin.

Anthropologist Nate Dominy's research was featured in a CNN.com story about saliva. Dominy commented on the results of a new study about bacteria in saliva and explained his own investigation of the digestive enzyme amylase.

The Chicago Tribune reviewed the new documentary film Milk in the Land, which features sociologist Melanie DuPuis discussing links between alcohol production and the rise of cow's milk as a popular beverage.

CBC Radio interviewed ocean scientist Raphael Kudela about his research on a red tide and its effects on seabirds.

In a column about government borrowing, Chris Dillow of Investors Chronicle highlighted the work of economist Michael Dooley.

Biochemist David Deamer was featured in stories stories in Technology Review and New Scientist magazines about efforts to create artificial life in the lab.

Azizah Magazine, a magazine for and about Muslim women in North America, ran a story by UCSC student Tahrier Walid Sub Laban about her experience learning to swim, with quotes from her teacher, Julie Kimball of OPERS.

Ocean scientist Sharon Stammerjohn was featured in a San Francisco Chronicle story about research on how global warming is affecting ecosystems in Antarctica.

Oceanographer Adina Paytan's research on how marine phytoplankton are affected by dust falling in the oceans was covered by the Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News, Science Now, Environmental Research Web, and Space Daily.

Ocean scientist Peggy Delaney was featured in a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News about an expedition of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program to collect and study sediment samples from the Pacific Ocean floor.

The San Jose Mercury News and the Santa Cruz Sentinel featured stories about feminist studies professor Bettina Aptheker and her role as the keynote speaker for an event to honor 12 exceptional woman in Santa Cruz County.

Anthropologist Triloki Pandey was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about a Hindu ritual at the Fremont Hindu Temple and Cultural Center.

Computer scientist David Doshay was featured in a Wired News story about work on computer programs that play the game Go.

The San Jose Mercury News and Santa Cruz Sentinel announced the publication of a new book tribute to emeritus professor of literature and art history Harry Berger, celebrating his work as a literary and cultural critic.

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