UCSC in the News

Seismologist Susan Schwartz was featured in widespread coverage of earthquake research, including stories in USA Today, Contra Costa Times, Sacramento Bee, Chicago Tribune, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Seattle Times, Houston Chronicle, Los Angeles Daily News, Las Vegas Sun, Associated Press, MSNBC.com, LiveScience, Science Daily, PhysOrg.com, Science Mode, and Inside Costa Rica.

Biochemist David Deamer's research on the origin of life on Earth was covered in the Christian Science Monitor, Albuquerque Express, Astrobiology Magazine, Science Daily, PhysOrg.com, Science Mode, Red Orbit, Insciences, Genetic Engineering News, and Medical News Today.

The San Francisco Chronicle quoted professor emerita of American studies Judy Yung in an article about the reopening of the upgraded Angel Island Immigration Station museum. The Los Angeles Times quoted Yung in another story about how Chinese detainees at Angel Island wrote poems on the immigration center's walls to vent their sorrow and desperation. Via magazine also included Yung in a separate piece about Angel Island.

Karen Holl of environmental studies was quoted in a Discovery News Channel report about tropical forest recovery after clear-cutting. Although some new research indicates second-growth forests are recovering well, Holl stressed that secondary forests "are not a substitute for the original."

Jonathan Fox of Latin American and Latino studies published an op-ed about the Latino vote in the U.S. presidential election in the Mexico City daily La Jornada.

The New York Times spotlighted Shakespeare Santa Cruz's recent fundraising effort and quoted acting arts dean David Evan Jones in an article about the financial struggle faced by San Francisco's Magic Theater and other mid-sized theater companies to stay afloat in difficult economic times.

Research on "jumping genes" by biomolecular engineer David Haussler was covered by Science Daily, PhysOrg.com, Science Mode, Innovations Report, Genetic Engineering News, and Medical News Today.

NewScientist reported on research by economist Robert Fairlie, who found that mixed-race Americans are discriminated against just as much as African Americans in terms of salary.

Vice chancellor for research Bruce Margon was quoted in an article in the San Jose Mercury News and Contra Costa Times about the impact of the federal stimulus plan on universities.

An article about local amphibians in the San Jose Mercury News featured biologist Barry Sinervo.

Biologist Glenn Stewart was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about the return of a peregrine falcon pair to their City Hall nest box.

Coastal geologist Gary Griggs was quoted in a story about beach erosion in the Malibu Times.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel tapped politics professor Dan Wirls for comment about the political aspirations of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who appears to be running for governor.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy ran a story about how new technology and online communications have become important tools that are helping many arts and cultural organizations raise money during the economic recession, citing Shakespeare Santa Cruz's use of the Internet as an example.

BeyondChron, an alternative online daily in San Francisco, wrote up psychology professor emeritus Bill Domhoff's new book The Leftmost City, a political history of Santa Cruz.

Add Space Daily to the list of publications that reported on research by postdoctoral researcher Chris Darimont of environmental studies on the impact of human predation on trait change in fish and mammals.

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