More high school seniors and prospective transfer students than ever applied to study at the University of California, Santa Cruz, for fall 2008.

Numbers released today by UC's Office of the President showed one-year increases at UCSC of 13.8 and 11.5 percent, respectively, in freshman and transfer applications. These increases compared to a UC systemwide increase of 9.2 in freshman applications and 8.5 percent in transfer applications received at the university's nine general campuses.

Increased interest from prospective students outpaces UC increases
"These numbers not only are testimony to the quality of UCSC's people and programs," said Michael McCawley, UCSC's acting director of admissions. "They reflect the growing awareness throughout California of that quality."

Prospective undergraduates submitted fall 2008 applications during the university's "priority filing" period of November 1-30.

During that month, a total of 27,810 prospective freshmen applied to UC Santa Cruz, compared with 24,436 applicants for fall 2007. A total of 5,245 applicants to UCSC are seeking to transfer from another college or university, up from 4,960 transfer applications for the previous fall.

Increases among prospective freshmen and transfer students were seen in applications in all five of UCSC's academic divisions: Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical and Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences. The largest increases were experienced in the Baskin School of Engineering (up 48 percent) and in Social Sciences (up 28.6 percent).

Among prospective freshmen, a new major in Engineering-Bioengineering-drew 413 applications in its first year; and in its second year, the Computer Game Design major attracted 462 applications. In Social Sciences, the Business Management Economics major attracted 2,233 applications, and Psychology drew 1,642 applications. In Physical and Biological Sciences, the Biology major attracted 1,774 applications; Marine Biology, 623; and Health Sciences, 542. In Humanities, applications in the Literature and History majors totaled 1,058 and 481, respectively. In the Arts, Film and Digital Media drew the interest of 608 applicants and the major in Art attracted 441.

Approximately one-third of the prospective freshmen applied to UCSC with an undeclared major.

Applications to the campus from traditionally underrepresented groups also increased, rising 25 and 9.7 percent, respectively, from prospective freshmen and transfer students.

"It's important that the ethnic diversity of UCSC's students more closely mirror the state we serve," McCawley said. "So we are very pleased to see gains of this size, particularly among prospective freshmen."

Among freshman applications to UCSC, all ethnic groups experienced increases for fall 2008: African American, from 759 last year to 972 this year, or 28.1 percent; American Indian, from 154 last year to 180 this year, or 16.9 percent; Asian American, from 9,215 to 10,144, or 10.1 percent; Chicano/Latino, from 7,290 to 9,262, or 24.8 percent; Filipino American, from 856 to 889, or 3.9 percent; and White/other, from 10,048 to 11,069, or 10.2 percent.

Applications from students who did not state an ethnicity also increased, from 1,095 to 1,321, or 20.6 percent.

For fall 2008, UC Santa Cruz is planning to enroll 3,700 new freshmen and 850 new transfer students. McCawley said this target for freshman enrollment remains the same as the number of enrolled freshmen in fall 2007; this target for transfer students is 50 more than the number who enrolled in fall 2007.

"Since our undergraduate enrollment targets are essentially unchanged from this past fall, the increase in applications will make our selection process more competitive than ever," McCawley said.

Applicants to UCSC will be notified of admission decisions beginning on March 15. Admitted freshmen will have until May 1 to file a "statement of intent to register," indicating their intention to enroll at UC Santa Cruz. The deadline for transfers is June 1.

Statistics for the UC system are available at:

Michael McCawley, UCSC's acting director of admissions, is available to discuss undergraduate applications to the campus for fall 2008. To arrange an interview, please call (831) 459-2495.