UCSC in the News

The San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday, January 11, front page featured a story about a first-of-its-kind project led by researchers from UC Santa Cruz attempting to track Bay Area mountain lions, which are being seen in greater numbers as urban areas spread into the region's wildlands.

The researchers, led by assistant professor of environmental studies Chris Wilmers, also were featured in a report on Quest, KQED Radio's multimedia series exploring Northern California science, environment, and nature.

San Francisco Chronicle: Tracking mountain lions--for their own good"

Quest: "Reporter's Notes: Tracking urban lions"

Also in the news:

Social psychologist Elliot Aronson's work was the focus of a lengthy Washington Post article, pegged to New Year's resolutions, about the most successful strategies that help people change their behavior. Years of research on cognitive dissonance suggest that feelings of inducing feelings of hypocrisy have lasting effects, according to Aronson.

Happy teachers produce students who score better on tests, according to a new North Carolina study conducted by UCSC's New Teacher Center for the governor's office. The results were published in an article in the Fayetteville Observer.

An Associated Press story about the "leap second" added by official timekeepers at the end of 2008 included quotes from Lick Observatory analyst Steve Allen.

As part of a package of stories about dreaming, the Daily Oklahoman published an article about research professor of psychology Bill Domhoff's dream research.

In a recap of the best theater of 2008, San Francisco Chronicle critic Robert Hurwitt named theater arts professor Paul Whitworth "MVP" of the year--noting that the former artistic director of Shakespeare Santa Cruz "gave one of the performances of a lifetime" in Conor McPherson's Shining City at SF Playhouse in October, adding that "in a year festooned with outstanding performances, Whitworth raised the bar."

Research professor Thomas Pettigrew of psychology penned a letter to the editors of Newsweek, thanking them for a column about the complex interaction between environmental and genetic factors that shape human behavior. Pettigrew called the subject one of the "most misunderstood by both the media and the public."

Food Management magazine tapped Scott Berlin of Dining Services for an article about the "green kitchen" that featured tips from commercial kitchen operators, manufacturers, and consultants. Berlin urged readers to adopt best practices in food sourcing, pollution prevention, waste collection and composting, and recycling, and he mentioned the campus's new solar-powered trash compactors.

Astronomer Jason Prochaska's research on star formation in the early universe was covered by the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Science News, and Science Daily.

Chancellor Blumenthal, Arts dean David Evan Jones, SSC artistic director Marco Barricelli and SSC managing director Marcus Cato were quoted in a variety of local and regional media about Shakespeare Santa Cruz's fundraising efforts in late December. Coverage included two front page stories in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, plus reports in the San Jose Mercury News, Metro Santa Cruz, Good Times, Mid-County Post, Monterey County Herald, and on KUSP, KAZU, KSBW-TV, KION TV, KTVU, and Fox-News. The San Francisco Chronicle also noted the fundraising effort by SSC in a story about financial challenges now faced by the Bay Area's nationally renowned Magic Theater.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News ran a story about Earth scientist Andy Fisher's research on underground water in Pajaro Valley.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel published a section-front article about the popularity of home food production. The piece was linked to the upcoming series of public workshops offered by the Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden.

A Sky & Telescope story about extrasolar planets included quotes from astronomer Gregory Laughlin.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that UCSC will be hosting its sixth annual Scholarship Benefit Dinner to raise money for undergraduate scholarships and fellowships, noting that Chancellor Emeritus Karl Pister and his wife Rita will be honored at the event.

Astronomer Sandra Faber was quoted in an article in McClatchy Newspapers about advances in telescopes.

In an article about this year's annual Gail Rich Awards to heroes of the Santa Cruz arts scene, the Santa Cruz Sentinel noted that 2009 award winners Rowland and Pat Rebele had previously established a chair in art history at UCSC.

Boulder Colorado's Daily Camera noted that UCSC had established the Rosalie Sorrels Archive in the University Library, adding that the famed American folk singer/storyteller was a contemporary of Pete Seeger and Studs Terkel.

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