UCSC in the News

The mentoring model developed by the New Teacher Center was featured in coverage by the Times Educational Supplement (U.K.).

The Chicago Tribune quoted professor of literature and history Nathaniel Deutsch for an article about the near extinction of the Mandaeans--one of the world's oldest religious groups.

Economist Rob Fairlie's latest report on the impact of open-immigration policies on the U.S. economy was featured in Business Week Online.

Research by biomolecular engineer Nader Pourmand on the use of magnetic nanotags for detection of cancer biomarkers was reported in Medical News Today, Science Daily, NanotechWire.com, and PhysOrg.com.

The Saipan Tribune of the Northern Mariana Islands noted that linguistics professor Sandra Chung is codirecting a collaborative project to help preserve the endangered Chamorro language.

The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed professor of English and Literature Murray Baumgarten for a story about an exhibition at the Museo ItaloAmericano in San Francisco titled "Il Ghetto: Forging Italian Jewish Identities 1516-1870," noting that he provided academic expertise for the show. . . . And music professor Hi Kyung Kim's new CD, Andrew Imbrie and Hi Kyung Kim: Solos and Duo was lauded in the Datebook section of the Sunday Chronicle.

An article about the Seymour Marine Discovery Center featuring staffer Katherine Moore ran in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News.

The San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and Inside Bay Area reported that the Jewish Studies Program received a $150,000 grant for a campus project called "Crossing Boundaries and Building Bridges"--a new interdisciplinary series of dialogues, lectures, and conferences.

The San Jose Mercury News and Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that Feminist Studies professor Bettina Aptheker is featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Ms. magazine.

Ocean scientist Jonathan Zehr's research on marine microbiology was covered in the Monterey County Herald and Space Daily.

Daniel Press of environmental studies provided post-election analysis for the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The Californian published an article about literature alumnus Reyna Grande and her appearance at Hartnell College to share her award-winning novel Across a Hundred Mountains.

CSU Fresno's The Collegian ran a story about history of consciousness professor Barbara Epstein and her new book The Minsk Ghetto 19411-43: Jewish Resistance and Soviet Internationalism.

City on a Hill, UCSC's student paper, ran a feature story about UCSC alumnus and award-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest titled "Dana Priest: Cleaning Up the Government, One Story at a Time."

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