Recent retirements

The following staff and faculty members retired during the period of May through October 2008. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their length of service (rounded to the nearest year).* Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Dane Adams, operations manager, Art Department, 23 years

Bruce Allison, principal cook, Dining Services, 5 years

Joey Banez, custodial supervisor, Physical Plant, 21 years

Barbara Bedford, director, Career Center, 38 years

Ted Cantrall, principal electronics technician, UCO Lick, 35 years

De Clarke, software engineer, UCO Lick, 30 years

Patricia Costello, administrative operations specialist, University Relations, 6 years

Angela Davis, professor of history of consciousness, 16 years

Teresa DeLauretis, professor of history of consciousness, 21 years

Leslie Elkind, medical center director, Cowell Student Health Center, 13 years

Douglas Garfield, network technician, Information Technology Services, 14 years

Jon Genens, senior building maintenance worker, UCO Lick, 20 years

Cheryl Gomez, reference librarian, McHenry Library, 19 years

Mary Gomez, telecom systems analyst, Information Technology Services, 10 years

Margaret Gordon, librarian, McHenry Library, 34 years

Nancy Hanson, department manager, Theater Arts, 28 years

Robert Hanson, research astronomer, UCO Lick, 29 years

Wayne Hendrickson, community safety officer supervisor, Colleges and University Housing, 21 years

Judy Hobor, undergraduate adviser, Math Department, 10 years

Margaret Hughes, specialist, Physical and Biological Sciences Division, 13 years

Ann Kearney, business manager, McHenry Library, 21 years

Vicki Kennedy, research budget analyst, Social Sciences Division, 19 years

Darlynne Kidder, manager, Financial Administrative Services and Transactions, 16 years

Jonathan Krupp, specialist and staff research associate, Physical and Biological Sciences Division, 26 years

Sally Lemee, program representative, University Extension, 24 years

David Lingo, physical plant mechanic, UCO Lick, 32 years

Nancy Loshkajian, biomedical sciences campaign director, University Relations, 11 years

Kerrie McCaffrey, facilities manager, Physical and Biological Sciences Division, 34 years

Lucia MacLean, assistant academic department manager, Computer and Electrical Engineering Department, 23 years

Barbara Marcenaro, radiologic technologist, Cowell Student Health Center, 13 years

Barbara Maximovich, assistant to the director, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 12 years

Jennie McDade, professor of art, 21 years

Helene Moglen, professor of literature, 29 years

Ruth Mutch, department manager, History of Art/Visual Culture Department, 6 years

Lois Neal, library financial services, McHenry Library, 30 years

Lynda Rannals, office manager, University Relations, 20 years

Isabelle (Babette) Scott, international scholar adviser, Office of International Education, 29 years

Jane Scott, information services manager, Purchasing and Business Contracts, 10 years

Bonita Sebastian, professional development and training manager, Information Technology Services, 11 years

John Spires, programmer/analyst, Information Technology Services, 23 years

Lynda Tanaka, college programs coordinator, Merrill College, 22 years

Julie Tobin, financial assistant, Financial Administrative Services and Transactions, 16 years

Andrey Todorov, professor of mathematics, 15 years

Elaine Tringali, classroom and publications specialist, Office of the Registrar, 20 years

Jane Wong, principal budget analyst, Office of Planning and Budget, 12 years

Joel Yellin, professor of environmental science and law, 24 years

Inna Zaltsmann, program representative/immigration adviser, University Extension, 15 years

* Retirement information provided by the UCSC Benefits Office.