Chancellor comments at Regents meeting on proposed state funding cuts to UC

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From: Public Affairs

Chancellor Blumenthal and two other UC chancellors briefed the UC Board of Regents at its meeting in San Francisco today on the implications of reduced funding for their campuses. The Regents are discussing the UC operating budget for the upcoming year and the implications of further mid-year cuts in state funding.

Blumenthal said UC Santa Cruz has already absorbed cuts this year and has increased efficiencies over the past several years. "The anticipated cuts, exacerbated by increasing mandatory costs, mean that both the quality of our institution as well as basic access and affordability to the citizens of California are at risk," he said. "We will have no choice in this next round of budget cuts but to cut deeply into our academic programs."

The full text of Chancellor Blumenthal's remarks are available at

Blumenthal joined UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and UC San Diego Chancellor Marye Anne Fox in making comments to the Regents.