Campus provost provides 2008-09 budget update

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Kliger

I am writing to update you on our budget situation. Yesterday, the Governor

proposed a series of mid-year state budget cuts and revenue enhancements.

The proposed mid-year cut to UC, systemwide, would be $98 million. We do

not know what UC Santa Cruz's share of these proposed cuts would be.

Here is what we do know:

* Prior to any mid-year cuts, state support for UC this year had remained

essentially unchanged from 2007-08. We received no additional funding for

mandated cost increases, making this a de facto budget cut.

* Meanwhile, in a year of unsurpassed demand, UC absorbed all expected

undergraduate enrollment growth without enhanced state funding to support

it. UCSC has funded its own enrollment growth through campus operating

funds and imaginative, diligent efforts by many academic and administrative


Given these conditions, I advised principal officers to implement a $4.5

million budget reduction for our campus. They developed and implemented

operating plans maintaining our focus on core teaching, research and

service initiatives; minimizing impacts to students wherever possible; and

keeping us on track to implement some critical initiatives, including a

comprehensive campaign. I also provided one-time funds to maintain core

academic support and administrative functions.

We now face mid-year cuts that, once adopted by the Legislature and imposed

by the Governor, will leave us with some very difficult choices. It is

highly likely that we will need to defer some initiatives and reduce our

investment in others. I will be in regular touch with you as details emerge

and our options become clearer. I have already begun a planning process

that has involved the Academic Senate and senior management.

I also know that you want to know how these difficult fiscal circumstances

might personally impact you and your colleagues. Things will become clearer

once we know the extent of cuts to our campus. As new information becomes

available, I will share it with you.

In the meantime, I've directed principal officers to implement all

reasonable cost-saving measures and to engage their staffs in identifying

creative ways to invest limited resources as efficiently as possible. I

invite you to share with them your thoughts and questions, as well as your

own suggestions for belt-tightening. We will thoughtfully consider every

reasonable suggestion.