Campus provost writes about approved state budget

To: UCSC Community

From: David Kliger, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

We have just learned that the Governor has signed the 2008-09 budget for California, bringing the lengthy budget impasse to an end.

Even though it will take some time until we know the full impact to the

University of this budget compromise, I would like to share with you what

we know to date--as well as steps campus leadership have already taken to

prepare for an expected budget shortfall:

. The Governor's January budget proposed significant cuts to the

University. The May revision restored $98.5 million to UC's budget. I am

pleased that the budget signed by the Governor today preserves funding to

the University consistent with the May revise.

. While this budget, in conjunction with mandatory costs, results in

significant reductions to the University's budget, the campus has been

engaged in early planning that has allowed us to make sound budget

decisions to date.

. In June of this year, minimum 2008-09 budget reduction targets for each

division were established based on the May revise, estimating a campus

budget shortfall of $4.5M in funding needed to cover increases in mandated

costs and to continue conservative investments in high priority areas.

. In late July, even without the certainty of an approved state budget, I

asked principal officers to take steps to implement these minimum budget

reductions for 2008-09.

. Budget reductions to instruction were minimized, resulting in an average

reduction of 1 percent to the academic divisions.

. Pending further actions by the State and/or Regents, I am hopeful that

we will not, in the current year, need to make further budget reductions

beyond those implemented in July.

. Despite the challenges, we have been able to continue investment in key

areas: providing support for TAs and core courses, strengthening advising,

upholding earlier commitments made to IT to improve services, investing in

specific areas to improve safety and security, and continuing investment in

University Relations to ready us for a Comprehensive Campaign to increase

private support for the campus.

As noted by President Yudof, the final budget for UC is probably the best

we could have achieved in the current fiscal environment. Chancellor

Blumenthal and I share his concern about the erosion of state support for

the UC system and our campus. This diminished support will require us to

continue to make difficult choices in order to balance academic quality,

access, and affordability.

Further, we understand that this creates challenging circumstances for all

of us the campus community, particularly since funding was not provided for

faculty or staff salary increases. We will continue to make every effort to

minimize the impact of the state budget shortfall, including preserving

employment to the extent possible, as we move forward during this academic


We thank you for your patience and continued commitment to UC Santa Cruz

during this time. Updates will be forthcoming as we learn more budget

details in coming weeks.


University of California news release about the 2008-08 state budget: