Student Union Assembly wants to get out the vote

The Student Union Assembly (SUA), together with a coalition of other organizations, has embarked upon its annual voter registration drive. This year the project aims to register 4,200 new students to vote in the November 4 general election. The movement is part of a bigger systemwide project. In an effort to increase the power of young adults, we have joined forces with students from across the state and country through the University of California Students Association (UCSA) and the United States Students Association (USSA) in this nonpartisan effort to increase student electoral participation.

Systemwide, we have already registered 13,000 students to vote and are looking to add 32,000 more for November.

UC Santa Cruz and campuses across the country are suffering from decreased investment in higher education from the state and federal government. Tuition has skyrocketed, faculty salaries have remained stagnant, and student loans and grants no longer serve the needs of students. As students, we know that in order to have our voices heard in regard to higher education, we must vote. One of the most effective ways we can make a difference is to register students and faculty, provide voter education, and increase voter turnout.

The deadline to register for the November election is October 20. For more information on where to obtain voter registration cards, please contact the Student Union Assembly Office on the second floor of the Student Union at (831) 459-4838.

Víctor George Sánchez Jr.

Vice Chair of External Affairs

Student Union Assembly (SUA)