New CruzAlert Emergency Notification System - Action Required

To: UCSC Community

From: Chief Jeff Trapp, UCSC Fire Department and Emergency Management

This fall quarter, UCSC is implementing an emergency notification system named CruzAlert. This system will provide students, faculty, and staff with timely and critical information during a life-threatening emergency. It delivers voice messages to telephones, text and voice messages to cell phones, and email to all CruzMail and other registered accounts.

During an emergency, campus police and fire department responders will determine if there is a threat that requires immediate action, and if needed, will immediately initiate a CruzAlert message to students, faculty, and staff.

I encourage you to sign up for CruzAlert today at: and follow the sign up instructions in the right hand column. For security reasons, updating your CruzAlert information online can only be accessed from a computer connected to the UCSC network.

Your CruzMail account information is already loaded in the CruzAlert system. When you sign up using the link above you can elect to receive notifications to your office phone, cell phone, or other phone number, and an additional email address.

The CruzAlert system will not be used for any purposes other than UCSC emergency communication and occasional system testing.

Generally, CruzAlert messages will only be sent out if it is necessary for students, faculty, and staff to take some specific action to protect themselves, such as leaving/avoiding a certain area or taking other protective measures. Follow-up and all-clear messages may also be sent depending on the situation.

If you are unable to update your CruzAlert information online or have questions about the system, please email