Senate Chair's statement on recent events

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Quentin Williams, Chair of Academic Senate

As you are all doubtless aware, this past weekend there was a dramatic escalation in anti-research violence against UCSC faculty and their families, homes, and neighborhoods.

The Senate joins in the condemnations of these despicable actions and hopes, for the sake of our campus and community, that the perpetrators of these shameful and cowardly actions will be quickly apprehended. In the days and months that follow, we hope that members of the university community will express their support to those that are targeted or may be targeted by such indefensible, violent actions--actions that appear specifically designed to violate the core of our academic values, instructional mission, and the environment of our campus.

And, when the new academic year begins, we anticipate that faculty will help our students to understand what has transpired, including the dramatic issues that are raised by such attacks on academic research, our colleagues, and our community--issues that strike at the heart of a university.