Message from President Yudof

To: UCSC Community

Dear Friends:

As one of my first acts today, my first day as president of the University of California, I write to extend my good wishes to all of you in the UC community.

I chose to come to the University of California because it is the premier public university in the world, with ten vibrant and robust campuses, and it is an institution that has had and will continue to have a profound impact on the lives of the tens of millions who call California home. I can think of no more exciting place to be in American higher education. You can be very proud of the institution you have helped to build.

As we look ahead, I see great opportunities for this university --

opportunities to continue building its academic quality; to better

demonstrate its effectiveness and relevance to its constituents, the people of California; to continue providing access to deserving students of all backgrounds; and to further expand the frontiers of discovery in exciting new ways. I believe in a system office that supports these activities by facilitating the work of the campuses, providing coordination when useful, and seeking always to add value.

I have been at work for several weeks beginning to get to know the

University and its people, and I will be getting around to visit all of the campuses in the coming months. A formal schedule has not yet been set, but in the meantime, I invite you stay in touch through my Web site, which has gone up today at

Thank you for all you do for the University of California. I am delighted to be joining this extraordinary community.


Mark G. Yudof